Shipping & Delivery

The orders placed before 8am (AEST) will be dispatched within 24 to 48hrs (Business days only). 



Business Days

Victoria (Melbourne Metro)

1 – 3

New South Wales (Sydney Metro)

3 – 4

Queensland (Brisbane Metro)

3 – 4

South Australia (Adelaide Metro)

3 – 4

Western Australia (Perth Metro)

5 – 6


3 – 4

Northern Territory

5 – 7

Visit Auspost Calculator for estimated delivery times outside this table


The processing of an order starts only when the payment for an order has been made in full. The orders are dispatched usually within 24 to 48hrs (Business days) after receipt of cleared payment. 

The data shared is only estimated and cannot be used to guarantee a delivery on a specific date or time. However, you can always reach out to the courier company to get updates on the order once it is dispatched. 

The delivery timeframes are expected to be affected due to health/climate or miscellaneous circumstances. Massage Guns will be playing its role critically in dispatching the products to your customers, however, for a delay in these situations your patience is highly appreciated. 

Delivery Issues

Transit Issue/No Tracking update

The tracking number is provided to you once the package has been dispatched from our warehouse. The tracking number will come live and show movements of the package only when it gets scanned by the courier company in the depot or parcel facility. Please note, in case the tracking is not showing up any updates after 48hours please contact us immediately so that we can reach out to the courier company and get it resolved to ensure you have a good customer satisfaction. 

Product undeliverable

A product can be undeliverable due to multiple factors, our team will contact you through email to resolve the matter. 

Returned to Sender (RTS)

If a product has been RTS, it may be because of the following reasons, 

Invalid address: 

Please make sure the address provided by the customer is always correct. Massage Guns does not hold the responsibility for address validation at our end. If the product gets Returned to Sender due to an invalid address then a re-delivery cost will incur. If the customer wants a refund, then a one-way shipping cost along with 15% restocking fees will be deducted. 

Delivery Rejected by Receiver: 

If the item is rejected by the receiver, then the order is considered as a change of mind following which shipping, as well as restocking fees, will be deducted. Please note, if an order is a gift purchase, it will be considered the same way as normal orders. 

Unsuccessful Delivery: 

By default, the packages will be dispatched with the status “Authorized to Leave (ATL)”. However, this cannot be the case if the product value is high or if the courier company delivery driver does not find a safe place to drop off the package. In such cases, the package will be taken back either to the post office or depot or a parcel collection centre of the carrier company after leaving the calling card in the mailbox. It is the customer’s responsibility to monitor the tracking of the package and contact the courier company immediately if they have missed the delivery. A re-delivery cost will incur. 

Undeliverable Postcodes


Massage Guns carries out the best possible efforts to deliver the packages to your customer irrespective of the location without considering the profit margins. However, if there is any postcode which is incurring additional loss and is not mentioned in the table above we will contact you through email and get it resolved as a mutual decision. Our team will highlight the shipping cost and will request the cancellation of the order. This strategy is opted to ensure most of the postcodes in Australia are delivered free.